Tuesday, December 08, 2015

1508 - Roading in Vectorworks

This manual is the last manual on the series on site modelling on site modifying because the roading tools quite often used as site modifiers. Don't forget to refer to the previous two month's manuals (1506 and 1507) for more information on site modelling. This manual looks specifically at the six different roadway tools:
Roadway (Tee)
Roadway (Straight)
Roadway (Curved)
The Roadway (NURBS)
Roadway (Custom Kerb)
Roadway (Poly)
The last two tools are very powerful and most of the manual will focus on those.
The roading tools in Vectorworks are not designed to let you to become a road designer. They are there to allow you to add writing to your concept drawings, but they do not have sophisticated roading controls such as camber, tilt, roundabouts, etc.
The roading tools will allow you to draw a large range of road designs, and the road objects can be site modifies. If you need a refresher on-site modifiers for networks, look at the manual 1507 Site Modifiers. You do not need to use a site model if you want to draw a road, you can draw roads without it.
To refresh your memory, there are normally two parts a site modifier and a grade limits. When you create a road, you have the choice to Use Site Modifiers and a separate choice to Use Grade Limit.

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