Friday, December 04, 2015

iPad Stylus 2 - Pencil by 53

This is supposed to be a great stylus and my friend Neil says that his works really well. But I have had terrible results with it. I got it to connect at first, but now it won't connect to my iPad. Even when I did get it to connect, I found that the fatness of the stylus made it hard to see where I was drawing.
The design of the stylus is to simulate a buider's pencil. That means that it will not roll away, like all my other styli did.

It is beautifully engineered, well balanced, and it was nice to hold.
It is an active stylus, which means that it has a battery that needs recharging. The battery is accessed by pulling out the tip of the stylus. This a a great way of charing the pencil, you do not need any special cables, you plug the battery straight into a USB port for charging. There is a charge light on it that will show greeen when the battery is fully charged.

I have two main problems with this pencil:
I can no longer get this to connect to any of my sketching apps.
When I did get it to connect, the fatness of the stylus prevents me from having fine and accurate control of the tools. I often found that i would start drawing a line away from my desired location. I would have to Undo and try again.
I have ordered a new pencil, to try this out again in case i have a dud pencil. I will let you know how it goes.

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