Sunday, September 20, 2009

VectorWorks 2009 Announced

You might all know this already, but the latest version of VectorWorks has been announced:
I am now in the process of upgrading my manuals to the new version. i always take this opportunity to look at the manuals, see if I can make them easier to use and make VectorWorks easier to learn. I will be adding podcasts to my podcast site and adding the same podcast to youtube:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Comments about Short Sharp Training for Vectorworks

I’ve been working hard on the Vectorworks monthly manual each month and it’s nice to get some positive feedback. This comment came from a new user, who has already watched all my youtube movies.

Hi Jonathan,

I have watched all of the available training and am amazed at the clarity with which you explain the concepts in your training videos and the ease of understanding.

I am officially a Pickup training junkie and would like to thank you for making these available.

Again gratitude,

Simon P.

Subscribe to the short sharp training at this web site:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

UK and Europe Reseller for Archoncad Vectorworks Manuals

I worked with this reseller many years ago, when I was in the UK, and we always had a lot of fun selling and installing Vectorworks. We are back in touch now, and they are reselling my manuals in the UK and Europe. Façade-IT have been training and reselling Vectorworks for a long time, even longer than me. I worked with them for a while in the UK and I have found them to be extremely professional in dealing with customer and staff. They have some excellent additions for Vectorworks. Highly Recommended.

If you are looking for great training in Vectorworks, and of course, my manuals, check out Façade-it:

Friday, September 04, 2009

Comments about Vector-workout™ Intro BIM

I have had a comment about my new training resource:

s soon as I began the exercises in the BIM Vectorworkout, I realized this was great easy to follow tutorial. I'm very impressed with the way Jonathan Pickup has illustrated what seems to be a complex "new" approach to architectural design.

You can read the complete comment and purchase the training here.

I’m excited that the users are seeing the resource in the way I hoped they would. Fast, easy to learn, and quick to look back into.