Friday, April 29, 2011

Vector-workout Guide to Productivity 2011

I have called this the Ultimate Productivity Guide for Vectorworks, and the reason I say that is that it has all my tips and tricks for using Vectorworks in one place. There are over 180 movies with a total running time of over 5 hours.

Changing your productivity in Vectorworks could save you five or ten minutes every day. Five minutes a day is thirty minutes every week, or 2 hours each month. 

But it is not just about saving time, it's also about having more enjoyment and less stress when you are drawing. Some of these Productivity techniques only save you a click or two, but they save you a lot of thinking, which, at the end of the day, saves you a lot of brain-work. 

I have organized the guide into a series of sections, with each section dealing with a topic. There are about 19 topics, and each topic has a few, or several movies. 

For example, Dealing With Roofs. There are 19 movies dealing with many aspects of dealing with roofs. 

Many of my clients love this part of the manual. They keep the manual on the desktop, and then open it when they have a issue with roofs. They dip into the movies to find the solution, then carry on with their work. In a situation like this, it can save them a hour of mucking around. 

The Vector-workout Guides are movie-based manuals. This means that they are movie rich, without too much reading. When you click on the bookmark on the left, or on the table of contents, you can see the page of the manual. 

There is only a small amount of reading to do, the large image on each page is the movie. Click on the movie and it begins to play. This is like have a tutor whenever you need it. 

I've Just had an email from a satisfied client:
  • I just finished your VW Architect 2010 Productivity manual; wonderful! I'm absolutely "hooked" on your help; thank you very much! You're a natural-born teacher. - Judy
185 movies, 05:05:10 total running time

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Australian Native Trees and Plants for Vectorworks, Part 1

My good friend Andrew over at Envirographic has created a small group of Australian plant images, and i have converted these into Vectorworks image props. To show these, I have places the 7 plants around a simple building model.

Here is what Andrew says:
This first part includes 5 new trees. As a bonus, we decided to include the Eucalyptus and Swamp banksia from the free page in all available file formats - exclusive to this product.

1 Eucalyptus platypus (Moort)
1 Casuarina cunninghamiana (River oak)
1 Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay fig)
1 Eucalyptus polyanthemos (Red box)
1 Xanthorrhoea australis (Grass tree)
1 Eucalyptus free 
1 Swamp banksia free

As with all our products, each plant is hand traced and every edge is re-touched to guarantee the highest quality. The Casuarina alone took just over 200 hours to complete from start to finish. 

Buy these plants from this web site...