Friday, June 22, 2007

Elevation Benchmark Tool

if you want to use the elevation benchmark tool, DO NOT move the origin on the file, the elevation benchmark will not work with Auto-Reference...

On-Line User Group June Newsletter out

What is WorkGroup Referencing? 

WorkGroup Referencing is the ability to link one VectorWorks file to another. For example, you have two people working on a large project. One person is doing most of the plans and sections, the other is doing all the details. 

So far so good, you could always do this with VectorWorks, just have two files. But when you want to print all the drawings you have to open two files. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have the one file to print all the drawings from? This is what WorkGroup Referencing allows you to do. 

The concept of WorkGroup Referencing sounds simple enough, and it really is easy to set up a WorkGroup Reference. The challenging part of the whole process is deciding what to link. 

Friday, June 01, 2007

If you are using grey layers or grey classes to make stuff go transparent in your viewports, you might find that the printed drawing doesn’t suit you. In VectorWorks you have no control over the grey colour in grey layer and grey classes.

You can switch the classes to grey, but I don’t like the results much.

But there is a better way. In viewports you can edit the class attributes to have the grey colour that you want.

Find the viewport you want to edit.

Click on the classes button to open this dialog box.

Select the classes you want to edit.

Edit the colour, line weight and line style to suit.

Notice how much better the grey lines look now.

By changing the class overrides on the walls, I can make the drawing better still.

On-Line User Group May Newsletter out

the on-line user group newsletter has been out for about 2 weeks now. If you haven’t received yours yet, email me.

The main topic for May is Textures and Rendering. Rnedering is where you start to enjoy your 3D models, but you need textures to make the rendering come alive. We cover
- rendering modes
- creating simple textures
- assigning textures
- creating textures from an image
- a great trick to judge the texture on the object.

The question and answer session is on creating 3D fillet welds on a 3D bracket.

The two extended podcasts are:
- how to set your units to dimension ini one unit, and have a different usit for worksheets.
- how to quickly edit viewports.

As with all the on-line user group newsletters there are notes, screen shots to show you what to do and links to movies so that you can see me carrying out the exercise.

for more information and to regisiter for the on-line user group please visit:

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