Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vectorworks 285 – X-Ray Mode

Beginner – Holding down the B Key will make the fills on all objects transparent, allowing you to see through objects. This will allow you to select hidden objects. visit

Monday, June 29, 2015

Vectorworks Tip 284 – Site Modeling – Send to Surface

Intermediate – When you create some objects, they are not automatically placed at the correct height relative to the site model. This command (Send to Surface) will change the elevation of the objects so that they sit correctly on the … Continue reading visit

Thursday, June 25, 2015

SST_1506 – Site Modeling in Vectorworks

A site model is a way of looking at 3D data (spot levels or contours) in a way that allows you to see complex 3D models and 2D representations. VectorWorks uses the 3D information to create the models based on … Continue reading visit

Vectorworks Tip – 283 Placing a Chain Dimension

If you want to place a series of dimensions, its easier to use the second mode for the Dimension tool. This mode places a chain of dimensions (a series of dimensions joined together). visit

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

cadmovie1506_13 – Site Modeling – Part 13

Creating A Site Model Snapshot - A site model snapshot is a way of keeping a view of the site model. For example, you might want to see the existing site model and the proposed site mode at the same time, … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1506_12 – Site Modeling – Part 12

Editing Site Model Labels - The site model has labels on each major contour which can be edited with the Reshape tool. Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

cadmovie1506_11 – Site Modeling – Part 11

Editing The Site Model Crop - The site model crop is a polygon that stretches around the information you have supplied to Vectorworks. The site model crop works a lot like the crop in the viewport. The site model crop can … Continue reading visit

Vectorworks Tip – 282 Edit Curtain Wall – Combine Frames

Intermediate – This mode is used to join two frames together. You might find that vertticla frames break hoizontal frames, but you can use this tool to combine the frames that are split. visit

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

cadmovie1506_10 – Site Modeling – Part 10

Adding Additional Site Model Data - You might sometimes find that the resulting site model does not have the contours you thought it would have. In this situation, more spot levels along the contours might be useful. When you need to add information to … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1506_09 – Site Modeling – Part 9

Creating  the Site Model - A site model is created from 3D loci, 3D polygons or stake objects. You can use any of these types and you can use a combination of these. Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

Setting 3D Viewing Options

In Vectorworks 2015 there is a change to the 3D viewing options. visit

cadmovie1506_08 – Site Modeling – Part 8

Importing A Survey Drawing With 3D Information – When you import a survey file, you often have the choice whether you want to import the information as 2D or 3D. For very large sites, it is a lot of work … Continue reading visit

Landmark_SIG_074 Special Interest Group June (am) 2015

In the session we looked at site modelling and site modifiers. In particular, we looked at the site model settings to see how to edit the site model labels and crop area using the Reshape tool we looked at a … Continue reading visit

Book Review – Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual 7th edition

Jonathan Pickup’s “Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual”, now in its 7th edition and updated for version 2015 of the application, is a deceivingly simple manual. It’s simple in that it will walk you (whether you are a new user or a seasoned user … Continue reading visit

Vectorworks Tip – 281 Reshape Tool – Removing Vertices

Beginner – Using the Reshape tool with this mode allows you to change the shape of a polygon/polyline by deleting a vertex. visit

Saturday, June 20, 2015

3D Modelling Special Interest Group – June 2015

In this session we looked at replicating a sink unit from a web site. This can be done if you think about the slab as one object and the bowl as a separate object that you subtract from the slab. … Continue reading visit

Vectorworks Tip 280 – Site Modeling – Recession Planes

If you going to create recession planes for your site model so that you can see the restrictions on your site in 3-D, make sure you place stake objects at the point where the surveyor has taken on the measurements. … Continue reading visit

Friday, June 19, 2015

Architect_072 Architect Special Interest Group June 2015 (pm)

In this session we looked at setting up a project that has a site model with two different houses on it. There are different ways to set this up; it could be set up in three files which could be … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1506_07 – Site Modeling – Part 7

Adding Spot Levels Using Stake Objects - You can use the Stake object, or 3D loci to create additional data for the site model. This is useful for placing points that match the survey information. Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

cadmovie1506_06 – Site Modeling – Part 6

Grid Entry Method – A common way to survey a site is to use a grid. With this method, set up a regular grid for northings and eastings. It is important that the grid is consistent as Vectorworks assumes that … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1506_05 – Site Modeling – Part 5

Importing Survey Data – You can import data from a surveyor. The data needs to be provided in the correct format. The data can include the point number, and it has to include the X-direction (Easting), the Y-direction (Northing), and … Continue reading visit

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Landmark_SIG_073 Special Interest Group May (pm) 2015

The session looked at creating a custom sheet border (Title Block). We started with a simple custom title block for the sheep border. We looked at the options on the object info palette to edit the border, edit the scale … Continue reading visit

Architect_071 Architect Special Interest Group June 2015 (am)

In this session we look to creating a complex roof that had the ridge at 45° to the walls. The solution to this is similar to the roof editing we looked at in the May 2015 roofing manual. Next we … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1506_04 – Site Modeling – Part 4

Creating 3D Information using Polygons – If you have an image file that has been imported, you cannot directly use the image file, but there is a command that will turn polygons into 3D data that we can use. This … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1506_03 – Site Modeling – Part 3

Importing A PDF  - Importing the PDF file is similar to importing an image file, but it can have some advantages. Depending on the way that the PDF was created, you may be able to snap to points and lines in … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1506_02 – Site Modeling – Part 2

Importing An Image – There are times where you can find an image of the  contours for your site. You can import this image and you it to trace over. Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

cadmovie1506_01 – Site Modeling – Part 1

Import A Survey Drawing With 2D Information – Import your sure drawing into a new file. Never import a DXF or DWG file into an existing drawing. Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

Vectorworks Tip 279 – Placing a Dimension

Dimensions are fundamental to drawings. This tip shows you how to place a simple dimension. visit

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

cadmovie1505_09 – Roofs – Part 9

Inserting a Skylight – Putting in a skylight is similar to putting in a dormer window.  To place a skylight you need to create a skylight symbol.  The way that you create the skylight is crucial to the way it … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1505_08 – Roofs – Part 8

Inserting a Dormer Window – To insert a dormer window you need to create the roof first and you need a window or door symbol to insert. You cannot use a plug-in object like a simple window to create a … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1505_07 – Roofs – Part 7

Dealing With a Challenging Roof – The standard Vectorworks roof is not able to create every roof construction that you would like. But it is a good idea to keep the roof object going as long as possible. One of … Continue reading visit

Vectorworks Tip 278 – Edit Curtain Wall – Add Frames

Intermediate Tip – This mode allows you to add extra frame to the curtain wall. The new frames do not have to follow any of the other rules for the frame settings. In this image you can see that I … Continue reading visit

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

cadmovie1505_06 – Roofs – Part 6

Reshaping a Roof – When your roof creation starts out with the walls, you can often end up with a roof plan outline that you did not want. Sometimes you do not want the roof to exactly follow the walls. … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1505_05 – Roofs – Part 5

Cutout in a Standard Roof - If you don’t want to go to the trouble of creating a 3D symbol for the skylight, you can punch a simple hole in the roof face.  Vectorworks calls these holes ‘cutouts’. Previous cadmovie Next … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1505_04 – Roofs – Part 4

Offset Gable – This is where you change the gable so that it covers the whole end of the project. Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

Vectorworks Tip 277 – Double Line Polygon Tool

Beginner Tip. You can use this tool to create a polygon by defining the centreline. visit

Saturday, June 13, 2015

cadmovie1505_03 – Roofs – Part 3

Split Gable Roof - As we have seen, once a roof is created you can edit parameters of the roof, roof plane by roof plane if you want, or the entire roof. We are going to create a split gable roof … Continue reading visit

cadmovie1505_02 – Roofs – Part 2

Editing a Roof - Once the roof is created you can go to the roof layer and you can edit parameters of the roof, plane by plane if you want, or the entire roof. Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

cadmovie1505_01 – Roofs – Part 1

Creating a Roof - This is an introduction to making a simple roof. Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

Friday, June 12, 2015

cadmovie1503_09 – BIM for Landscape – Part 9

IFC - When you create BIM projects, one of the major parts of the project is the ability to share information with other people who will not be using the same program. IFC was intended as a way of sharing information (not … Continue reading visit

Interactive Workshops June 2015 (1506) – Site Modeling

A site model is a way of looking at 3D data (spot levels or contours) in a way that allows you to see complex 3D models and 2D representations. Vectorworks uses the 3D information to create the models based on … Continue reading visit

Vectorworks Tip 276 – Site Modeling – Site Modifiers – Pad from Grade Limits

Intermediate Tip – This is a Landmark only command. It will try to calculate a 3D pad that has equal volumes of cut and fill. visit

Thursday, June 11, 2015

cadmovie1503_08 – BIM for Landscape – Part 8

Reporting – This is an extremely useful part of the Building Information Modeling. When your objects are created using the techniques we have described, they can be reported in a worksheet. The information in your report depends on the information you … Continue reading visit

Vectorworks Tip 275 – Hardscape – Pathway

Intermediate Tip - Pathway mode – With this mode you are setting the centerline of a path. This mode makes it easy to create paths with a consistent width. visit

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

cadmovie1503_07 – BIM for Landscape – Part 7

Symbols - Symbols are small repeatable objects. They can show 2D and 3D parts and you can attach information to them. Cadmovie1503_07 Previous cadmovie Next cadmovie visit

Vectorworks Tip 274 – Edit Curtain Wall – Delete Frames

The Edit Curtain Wall tool can be used to remove frames, allowing you to create the frame layout you desire. visit