Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creating Hedges in Vectorworks

My friend Bill has been playing with this new tool that he found on It's called the Siepe (Hedge) Tool.  From the  same author of Frangisole plugin. When I first looked at this tool I wasn't sure that I could find a use for it.

But Bill has been playing with it,  and he showed me how useful this could be.

Here is the scene with a small house and all my rendering is set up but the background and foreground just look a little plain.

So here's my suggestion. Use the hedge tool to fill in the foreground. The way the hedge tool works, is that it uses several polygons and two textures to create the look of a hedge. You don't have to use all hedge, you can add a flower texture if you want. You could use two different greens to give you a hedge with a green effect rather than flower effect.

Here is the same scene with a hedge around the back of the house as well. I think the hedge tool is great for filling in the background quickly.

The tool is $25US, which I was happy to pay. This tool only needs two clicks to place a hedge.

In this image I created a low hedge that mimics a buxus hedge border, with wildflowers inside, all created with a few objects from the Hedge tool, about two minutes work.

Area Lights and Renderworks in Vectorworks 2011-2012

In the past we used to use area lights to replicate light coming in window, and Vectorworks 2011/2012 we don’t have to do this the other, more realistic ways of creating lights
In previous versions of Vectorworks, we used to use area lights on Windows to replicate sunlight coming in to the window. This wasn’t perfect but it did a reasonable job in Vectorworks 2010 and before. you might notice that the area light in front of the door stop you seeing the door. So while the effect of the light is reasonable the downside is that the area light prevents you from seeing out the window, or out the door.

In Vectorworks 2011/2012, we have a better way. in this image there are no light sources other than an environmental light called HDRI White. HDRI White is a standard Renderworks environment like that comes with Vectorworks. when you use it as an environment light, it brings in white light through every window, giving you rendering a nice glow. I have also added indirect lighting that creates the bouncing light in the room. 

If you add a sun, the results are even better.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Site modeling manual updated for Vectorworks 2012

I have updated my site modeling manual on the Kindle store for Vectorworks 2012. This manual covers how to create a site model from imported 2-D information, imported 3-D information, and scanned or PDF images.  This manual is designed to show you the quickest ways to create site models, and how to modify them using the site modified tools.

 You can find the manual here on the Kindle bookstore.

Quickstart manual Available for Vectorworks 2012

I have updated my QuickStart manual for Vectorworks 2012 on the Kindle bookstore. 

This quick start manual is designed to get people started quickly, it is not designed to teach you everything you need to know about Vectorworks. what this manual does cover are the basic concepts about how Vectorworks  behaves.

If you have been using Vectorworks before, this is not the manual for you. If you have never used Vectorworks before and you have just  received Vectorworks 2012 then this would be a good introduction to the basic concepts.

See the manual here...

Work available in New Zealand

I've just had an e-mail from one of my clients looking for a Vectorworks architect in Auckland, New Zealand.  if you live in New Zealand we are qualified to work in New Zealand you might want to look at this advert.

If you want to check out the work they do visit their website

Stevens Lawson Architects are seeking an Architectural Technician for a full time position, with 5-7years experience, with the desire to work on exciting projects across a broad spectrum, to join our Parnell based studio.

Strong CAD (Vectorworks) documentation and detailing experience with both residential and commercial projects, time management, communication skills and computer skills are essential, along with a great attitude and enthusiasm for architecture   .

Contact: John Scouller

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Today I was very sorry to hear that Steve Jobs has passed away. When I grew up Steve Jobs was always around, and he was always making great stuff. He has created some truly amazing inventions, and I think he has changed the way we think about music,  about computers and what we expect from life (our gadgets).

 This is the passing of a giant.