We have over a 18 years of experience in VectorWorks manual writing, production, and support. Our business concept dates back to 1992, when we first started using MiniCad. We found that there were only a few training resources available at that time. Our since then mission has been to take away the mystery from computer-aided design.
Director Jonathan Pickup is an architect trained in New Zealand and in the UK with over 30 years of experience. He is the main manual writer and support provider, and he has been providing training and consulting services to architects and design professionals since 1992. He has written several VectorWorks training manuals for architects, landscape architects, educators, and design students. He runs the VectorWorks On-Line User Group which produces a new manual each month.
"When I started to teach MiniCad, I realized how much help some people really need," says Jonathan Pickup. "Then, when I was a CAD Manager at a large office in London, I realized how helpful it is to have a specialist on hand for support."
Our original aim was to provide the training and support that architects and design professionals need to use VectorWorks. We have had an excellent response to our VectorWorks manuals, training and support. We have built many of the resources that we felt were needed to support users.

I realize that the manuals, PDF tutorials, ebooks, training and support that I have developed for Vectorworks can be used as a system for training other programs and areas. For example, I could help a franchise system to implement a range or electronic media for the franchise holders. Imagine if you were out and about and you refer to manuals, movies and newsletters on an iPhone.  

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