Saturday, December 12, 2015

SST_1509 - Getting Ready for an Update

Vectorworks has annual upgrade cycle. This means that every year you'll have to get used to Vectorworks being updated. But what does this mean? In simple terms, You will be working on an older version of Vectorworks and then you will have to update your project and start working in a new version of Vectorworks.

Vectorworks 2016 includes a new Migration Manager that will help you to migrate your default content, workspaces, and libraries from your old versions of Vectorworks to the new version. However, if you have not arranged your libraries, workspaces, and default content correctly, the migration manager will be of little use to you.

This manual is not so much manual about how to make your default content, workspaces, and libraries, it's more about reminding you to look at the manuals that are already on this website and taking advantage of them. There are several manuals which are extremely useful reminding you about creating your default content. When you migrate your default content to the new version of Vectorworks, It should be set up correctly so that is using the best practice. If you do this, then you'll get the advantage from the new version.

This is a very short manual (only a few pages long). Rather than repeat all the information that was in the earlier manuals, this manual contains links to those earlier manuals, which are repeated here:

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