Saturday, February 07, 2015

Living With a Chromebook 5

I have been reading a blog from ( They are betting that the chromebook will make a lasting and substantial impact in the classroom, unlike interactive whiteboards. The difference is that chromebooks are affordable for most parents (unlike a MacBook Air), but they will give most students the tools and applications that they need to work in the classroom. My daughter’s school required all the year 12 and 13 students to have a laptop computer. The recommendation was for a windows laptop (except the battery life sdoen not meet the required duration) or a MacBook. The MacBook Air greatly exceeds the required battery life, and so most students ended up with one. I’m disappointed that the chromebook was never one of the recommended options. Its a shame because it would easily fulfill my daughter’s requirements.

She needs to be able to write reports with images and photos, search the internet, and share the reports with the teacher. She also wants to watch online TV and movies. She could do all of this on a chromebook. 

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