Saturday, February 07, 2015

iPhone 6+ as a Replacement for an iPad Mini

I've had an iPad Mini for over two years now, and i love the size and flexibility of it.  But lately i have been thinking about being able to repalce it. I wondered if i got a bigger phone, if I could stop carrying my iPad. 

I have just bought an iPhone 6+ and i thought is would be a great replacement for my ipad. In hte past i have thought about getting rid of my ipad, but the phone never seemed quite big enough. I think the iPhone 6+ is about the size where you could get rid of the ipad and just have a phone. 

I an very surprised at the size of the 6+. I knew it would be big, but it's only when you start to carry it around that you realise just how big it will be. 

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