Saturday, February 07, 2015

Living with a Chromebook 4

When I bought this chromebook, the seller said that it had been his wife’s computer, but they were selling it because it didn’t completely replace the tablet they were using. I can see this now. I have an iPad mini. It has loads of storage, it’s connected to the internet, I can do everything that this chromebook does, and much more. The only thing that this chromebook does better than the ipad is typing, because it has a full size keyboard, and you can attach a mouse to the chromebook.

For writing reports and proposals the chromebook is better than my ipad. But for checking email, the ipad is much more capable, because it allows you to check multiple accounts in one place. The chromebook has the same problem as the android smartphones, it is great if you only want to use Gmail, but it’s a pain if you want to use Gmail and iCloud at the same time. 

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