Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Living With a Chromebook 3

You are tied to using google docs, which is not bad for most things, but I’m working on a project where I have to share Word documents. This is not so easy with google documents, because some of the formatting gets lost. We are also tracking the changes in the word document, which shows up differently in the google document. So, when I’m working with others and they are using google, the chromebook will be fine, but when I’m working with others that want to use Microsoft Word,  it is not a good idea to use google.

Since I started to write this post, I found that MS Word has an app for the Chromebook. I have a subscription to Office 365, and I can use my online word docs on my Chromebook, provided that i have stored the word documents in my OneDrive. 

I have tried to access the word docs in my dropbox. I can view them online, but i have to download them to edit them, and when I do, they open in Google Docs. That's not so bad, unless i use a lot of images in my documents. If the document is converted to Google Docs, the images are much easier to edit. So that's the solution, but if i wanted to use Google Docs, why not just use them all the time and get rid of MS Word?

Your thoughts?

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