Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do IT Pros Recommend Macintosh?

I had to laugh when I read this blog post. For many years I have been arguing with IT pros about the differences between Windows and Mac. In my office I use both systems, but I find the Macintosh easy to use. In this blog post the argument is that IT professionals often recommend Macintosh computers to their friends and families to avoid having to support the Windows machines.
I know the argument for Windows machines is that they are more customisable. But the reality is that most clients do not need to be able to customize their computers. What most of my clients need is a computer that works reliably and easily, they do not need to be able to change the computer very much. The argument about customizable computers goes away when you buy a laptop, because even a Windows laptop is not customisable.
My Windows machine recently updated itself. The challenge with this is that it then made itself unusable. I then had to try to restore the operating system to an earlier version. Unfortunately, this took me several hours to complete, because it did not work the first time. I have never had this kind of issue with my Macintosh computers. By the way, this update with my Windows machine didn't just happen once, it has now happened twice, so for the last two weeks I have lost a couple of hours trying to restore my Windows machine.
My advice to people buying a new computer is to seriously look at buying a Macintosh. They are usually very well made, very well supported, and I recommend you buy the AppleCare warranty. This will give you three years of trouble-free computing.
When it comes to upgrading your operating system on a Windows machine, it is usually cheaper to buy new machine. I just installed the latest Macintosh operating system on my five-year-old Macintosh, which runs this new operating system very well.

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