Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3D Printing - "The first truly consumer 3D printer"

I have been following 3D Printing for a few years now. 3D printing has been around for several years. When I first started following 3-D printing, the printers were extremely expensive ($30 K). But I always thought that the 3-D printers would become like the laser printers of the past. When the Macintosh first came out in the laserprinter followed, they were very expensive. Only the richest clients could afford to buy a laser printer. Nowadays, you can buy laserprinter for a couple of hundred dollars. I thought the 3-D printers would follow this trend.
I found this kickstarter projec that has a consumer 3-D printer. If you break this project you will be able to get a 3-D printer for about $300 US. When this project kicks off it will allow consumers to buy a cheap, easy to use 3-D printer.I know that this printer will only print small objects (185 mmin each direction) but it's a start.
I was in my local warehouse stationary shop the other day and they have a 3-D printer for sale. Once your local stationery store starts having 3-D printer, it's time to start thinking about putting a 3-D printer in your office so that you can print your Vectorworks projects for your clients.

For Vectorworks manuals, visit:


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