Saturday, March 30, 2013

[Archoncad] Weekly Digest Email 18 (blogs and movies for Vectorworks)

This week I posted the following blogs:

Education_m_001 - Introduction to 3D Modeling

Introduction to 3D Modeling

In this exercise you will create a simple 3D model using simple tools and
commands. You can then use this model to create drawings using a new concept
called Viewports. We will be using a quick command to create the viewports from
the 3-D model. This command is only available if you using Vectorworks
Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, or Designer. The command we will be using is not
available if you have Vectorworks Fundamentals.

Education_008 - Viewing


There are several viewing tools. Some of the tools are located in the Tool
palette, and some are on the View bar at the top of the drawing window. We will
look at the most useful tools and techniques later in this manual.

epodcast174 - 3D Snapping for 3D Modeling

In Vectorworks 2011 you could snap to objects that were not on the working
plane. In Vectorworks 2013 there is now a preference that controls whether you
can snap to points that are not on the working plane.

Education_007 - Dimensions


A drawing without dimensions is pretty useless. It is important that when you
place dimensions you place them accurately. Learning to dimension your drawings
accurately will allow you to draw more quickly in Vectorworks.

Education_006 - Applying Graphic Attributes

Applying Graphic Attributes

Vectorworks is a very graphic program. We have control over the stacking order
of objects ( the way things appear at the front or the back), we can assign
colors to objects, we can change line weights and line styles, and so on. It is
important that you understand how to control the graphic style of objects so
that you can make your drawings more readable.

Education_005 - Snapping


Snapping in Vectorworks means that you use other objects on the screen to draw

Education_004 - Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts

To be able run the software efficiently you need to learn the basic concepts of
Vectorworks first. This section of the manual is designed to show you the
concepts that form the basis of Vectorworks. We will learn to make a few simple
objects, how to select objects, who to delete objects, and how to delete

Apple Increases Account Security With Optional Two-Step Verification System for
Apple IDs

Apple has implemented a new two-step verification system for Apple IDs (via
9to5Mac), adding an additional layer of protection for Apple accounts with an
extra security code and a "trusted" device.


Landmark_SIG_023 Special Interest Group March 2013

This is the second session for the Landmark Special Interest Group for March
2013. The session started out with a discussion on what was included in my
latest Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual for Vectorworks 2013.

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