Monday, March 11, 2013

[Archoncad] Weekly Digest Email 16 (blogs and movies for Vectorworks)

This week I added new posts to my web site:

PDF Quality on Export PDF

Some clients want to make sure that the PDF files they export are to a high standard. There are some settings you can use to control the output of PDF drawings, but it depends on how you are trying to create the PDF's


New Vectorworks Architect tutorial available

I'm really happy that Nemetschek Vectorworks have just announced my new Architect Tutorial Manual for Vectorworks 2013. Each year when I update my manuals, I try to ensure that I have including the most up to date workflows.

I visited a client the other day for training, and I really wished that he had this manual. There were so many questions that he asked about roofing, setting up wall styes, creating areas, and so on, that were answered by this manual. It would have been easier for me to teach him and it would have made our training time more productive.


SST_1303 Vectorworks Service Select

Vectorworks introduced this service a few years ago. The aim of this service is to provide an upgrade each year, a video library, library objects and so on. The manual of now available for online reading and downloading.

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