Sunday, February 07, 2010

Using Layers or Classes in Vectorworks

I have been reading a discussion on the Vectorworks Discussion email list about how to set up drawings for a renovation project. Some people prefer to use a extra layer for the existing building, I prefer to use one layer for each story of the building. Everything that relates to that floor of the building is on that layer. Yes, this means lots of classes, but with the visibility tool, they are easy to turn on and off. 

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I have written a new manual for Layers and Classes. You can read more about it here...


Dermot Cowper said...

Would you apply the same theory to landscaping, then?
and what about plants, would you use layers or classes, for existing plants and proposed planting plan?
I have been putting them on different layers, is that a good idea.

archoncad said...

for most of the landscaping, yes classes are better. But I would use a layer of the base plan, a separate layer for the building. I use classes for parts of the plants, classes for irrigation, hardscaping and so on.

Susan said...

I have been using classes and layers for a while now (4 years) and have got to grips with classes and what can be stored in them and really like the flexibility. However I am slightly struggling with the LAYERS concept.

Using VW2012 landmark:
I use a layer for the site survey, including the house and then another layer for proposed concept, softscape, but not sure if this is the best way to go about it.

As it is possible to create multiple layers I'm wondering if I have enough or should split them out more.

A bit concerned that I dont create a 'monster' if you know what I mean.

Any advise on what works best and why.

Many thanks in advance, Susan

jonathan pickup said...

I do have rules about using layers and classes. I use three simple rules for classes and three simple rules for layers so that I know when I should be using a new class or a new layer. If the object does not fit into one of these rules then there is no need to create a new layer or a new class for it.

Jannyannyanice said...

Hi Jonathan,

This post seems a little old now, but it is just what I am stuck on at the moment. So taking a long shot!

Im pretty relaxed about using the same layer for both existing, to be demolished and new elements, and using classes to differentiate in between. However, I am struggling with 3D elements such as windows and doors, when I change its class, its lineweights won't change, even though I have assigned it to the right class. Is there a solution around this?

Thank you in advance.