Thursday, July 09, 2009

Short Sharp Manual - Intermediate Worksheets

Following the release of the short sharp manuals last month, I have added a new manual to the Short Sharp Manual page.

This manual is about Intermediate Worksheets. Not beginners worksheets, intermediate worksheets. The manual looks at 10 different worksheet examples to will focus on several worksheet issues. We will learn how to solve these issues using worksheets. We will look at several specific worksheet techniques to solve specific problems:
Counting Car Parks
Counting Site Areas (impermeable surface)
Building Occupancy for car park requirements
Building Occupancy for fire design.
Problems with design layer viewports.
Counting Landscape areas with several sites.
Problems counting just one sort of joist.
Bracing worksheet using connected worksheets, IF statements and sorting.
Roof Area calculations for downpipes or roofing materials.
Wall Area scheduling for quantity take-offs.

Find the manual here:

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