Friday, July 06, 2007

I’m working on my on-line user group topic for July 2007. The workshop topic is Annotation. Annotation is text and dimensions, but VectorWorks has much more than this, there are tools to make it easy to assemble the notes, labels and references on the drawings. This topic includes;
-    text
-    Dimensions
-    Custom dimensions
-    Call out tool
-    Drawing Labels
-    Reference Markers
-    Elevation Benchmark
-    Tittle Blocks
-    Custom Title Blocks

the Question and Answer this month is:

I want to have walls with brick veneer and I want to place windows in the wall so that above the windows I have a different cladding. How do I do that?”
The extended podcasts this month are:
epodcast 040
This podcast shows you how you can import a survey drawing from a consultant and quickly make it into a 3D Site model.
epodcast 041
This podcast shows you how you can quickly make hardscapes accurately and how you can edit them. This podcast shows you how to add surface and clip surface to edit your hardscapes quickly.

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