Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Door and Window Schedule

I was teaching the other day and i wanted to show the client how to make a window and door schedule, one that would just count the doors and windows in the external walls.

It’s common here to count all the external doors and windows together, but to do this with the standard Window or Door object is not that easy. You can count all the windows, or you can count all the doors, but it’s not easy to count all the external windows and doors together.

One option is to count just the windows, the Next Option is to use a separate symbol that can be used to count windows and doors, but then this defeats the purpose of having all the scheduling attached to the window.

I also looked at the Windoor manager from OZCad ( This lets you assign the doors or windows to the door schedule or the window schedule... Briilant!

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Joseph Russo said...

I love is hard when you live in an apartment when you can't just open it all...proxcimity to other apartments and all...or in nyc where some low apartments get no light...but la has light abundent.
I love the different ways the two of you photographed the windows...
shari your stories & lisa your pieces of the stories...lovely
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