Monday, December 12, 2016

Knowledge is Perishable

When Vectorworks introduced the Python language into Vectorworks I decided to learn about Object Orientated programming. I enrolled in a class at the local Technical Institute. I really enjoyed learning about it and I did really well. With regular practice, homework, and working an a major project, I became reasonably skilled.

Before the exams started we were given a few weeks to study. Unfortunately, instead of studying I worked on my business. I thought that my knowledge would remain in my head even though I wasn't studying.

On the day of the exam I sat down with the exam paper and I looked  through the questions. The questions were really easy, we covered all the topics in class and all the questions looked really familiar. However, when I went to answer questions, I could not get the knowledge out of my brain and onto the paper. In those weeks when I should have been studying my knowledge gradually vanished. I didn't realise at the time but knowledge is perishable.

If you don't keep refreshing your knowledge it gradually vanishes, and even though you know you should know something, you find hard to remember the answer. This is exactly what happened to me and my exam. I knew I should know the answers but I just could not recall the knowledge.

The same thing happens with your Vectorworks knowledge. If you do not keep refreshing your Vectorworks knowledge it gradually vanishes. The Vectorworks techniques that you use every day are fine, you are refreshing your knowledge every day. What about the techniques you do not use so often? Sorry, but you gradually lose your ability to use them.

But I have a solution! My subscription website has regular monthly meetings that cover a huge range of topics. Users that regularly come to the sessions report that they learn something new at every session. So, not only is it a good place to refresh your knowledge, it's also a good place to expand it.

Knowledge is perishable, keep up-to-date!

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