Friday, October 02, 2015

SST_1507 – Site Modifiers in Vectorworks

In the previous month we looked at creating a site model, which is great but we will need to modify the site. That is what this manual is all about, Site Modifiers. A Site Modifier is a  specific object for changing a site model.  A Site modifier can be a range of objects, but their intention is to change the form of the site model.  Vectorworks includes a several tools for creating site modifiers. Some tools are designed to create other objects (hardscape, massing model, roads, etc), and they have options to create site modifiers as well. Some tools are designed to report information about the site or they can be used as site modifiers (Stake, Grade).
Contents [draft]
  • Introduction
  • Site Modifiers
  • Pads and Boundaries
  • Cut and Fill Calculations
  • Hardscape
  • Stake Object
  • Landscape Wall
  • 3D Polylines
  • Stepped Wall
  • Grade Tool
  • Texture Bed
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