Friday, March 06, 2015

Kensington Plug-in Keyboard

I ordered this new keyboard because I am planning on travelling again. I could use the nice little Apple bluetooth keyboard, but some planes do not allow you to use any wireless technology. This keyboard is not wireless, it plugs straight into the lightning connector, and it uses the power from the iOS device. It is marketed as suitable for the iPad, but I am using it on an iPhone 6+.


On unboxing the keyboard, i realised that it is substantially bigger that the keyboard that I am used to, the Apple bluetooth keyboard. I also thought that the design wasn't as nice either. 

The keyboard is sold as a full-sized keyboard, so that will control the actual size and placement of the keys, but there is a bezel around the keys that adds to the size of it. I'm not sure I will be able to carry the keyboard with me everywhere I want to. 

Using the Keyboard

When I connected the keyboard to my phone, it started working straight away. There is no software to install, no bluetooth connection to make, you just plug it in and start typing. 

This keyboard will make it substantially easier to write long notes, reports, and blogs. 

When you use a keyboard connected to an iOS device, you can use many of your familiar keyboard shortcuts, like copy (command+C) and paste (command+V). There are other shortcut keys that are inculded on this keyboard, like the Home key (that will take you back to the home screen), the Alt/Option key that changes the delete key to delete right. 


This is a great keyboard if you need to have a plug-in keyboard that is not wireless. After using it for about 30 min I got very comfortable with it. It is cheaper than the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. 

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