Friday, November 29, 2013

Vectorworks Guide to Productivity 2014

Here it is, the Vectorworks Guide to Productivity. This is the ultimate productivity guide. This is a collection of all my tips and tricks. I have designed this guide for people that can use Vectorworks to a basic level, but want to be really effective. So, you might find there are really basic topics here, and really advanced topics. I have included several basic topics to ensure you are doing the basics well, and the advanced topics for users that need to know much, much more.

There are 194 movies and a total running time of 5:44:49. 

On sale now for Black Friday...

Reviews of this manual:

Review 1 : 5 stars 
Just downloaded your file,,,,,,, whoooo, this is excellent, Just excellent, I went over some of the items, and its a great way to see and find the videos on any subject, I watched the roof dormer, excellent. Just used the search tool and found all the items I wanted with ease, the videos are just perfect.
Review 2 :  5 Stars
I purchased the first “Guide to Productivity” for Vectorworks 2010. The text, videos and exercises were very easy to follow and actually fun. Jonathan has an incredibly easy way of explaining and demonstrating the power of Vectorworks. Searching and finding topics is very easy. Building your BIM model or presentation marketing can easily be created when following the steps in the manual. As a production resource it is invaluable. Since I purchased it I’ve kept it on my computer desktop, sometimes open on my second monitor. I am delighted to have the update for 2014.
Great work Jon !!

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