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[Archoncad] Weekly Digest Email 21 (blogs and movies for Vectorworks)

These posts were added to my web site:

Why Customise Vectorworks?

Vectorworks has hundreds of tools and commands, and they have all been set out
in the interface, or Workspace as it's called, and they have been set out to
suit most situations.

0028 Numbers - Part 1 - Introduction

Numbers is the native iOS spreadsheet program. It does not come free with your
iPhone or iPad, you will have to purchase it from the iTunes App Store. It is
designed to be a very simple and easy to use spreadsheet program.

0027 - Newstand - The Place to Buy an Read Magazines and Newspapers

If you like to read magazines and newspapers, then you should check out the
that. This app is designed to collect together all of your subscriptions for
newspapers and magazines.

0026 - Clocks on the iPad with iOS6

Before iOS6 there was no clock app on the iPad, which I was always amazed about.
Now, Apple have finally fixed this with a new iPad clock app. This is not just
the copying of the iPhone app to the iPad, it’s a different app altogether.

0025 - Moving and Editing Notebooks in Evernote

In my business I use Evernote every day. It has become my main way of storing
notes that I want to access on my tablet, smart phone and desktop computer. It
does not matter where you happen an iPad one android tablet, a smart phone or an
iPhone, a Macintosh computer or a Windows computer. This cloud-based database
allows you to store notes and access them from any device.

Using Evernote 

I'm a big fan of using Evernote ( I use it to record
notes, photos, audio notes, and clippings from web sites. I have some overseas
colleagues that use even more than I do. You can sort noted into groups
(notebooks) that relate to a topic or project.

Business Card Scanner - SamCard-Business Card Reader 

I thought I would try out another another business card scanner to see if my
results were any better than the last one. Part of the challenge with business
card scanners is the graphic design of the business cards, they are not always

iPad Basics Part 18 - Organizing the Home Screen 

When you have installed several applications on your iphone or ipad, it can be
tricky to find the applications you want. There is a way for you to group
applications together and to rearrange the location of them.

iPad Basics Part 17 - Setting a Passcode Lock 

If you have a tablet, iPad, smart phone, or iPhone, you should set a passcode to
prevent unwanted people accessing your phone or tablet.

iPad Basics Part 16 - Push Email on the iPhone 

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch have an ability to click your e-mails
automatically. The way this works is that your e-mail server will automatically
push your e-mails to your device as soon as they are ready. This is known as
push e-mails.

iPad Basics Part 15 - Setting up Email on the iPhone 

When you start with your iPhone or iPad you have to tell the device where to
collect your e-mail from. This requires you going through a series of setting up

Introduction to Evernote 

Evernote is an application that I use on my smart phone, tablet, iPhone, and
computer. It creates an online database where you can store notes, and it
synchronizes the notes between your devices. This is a very powerful piece of
software, and it is one of my recommended applications.

Business Card Scanner - CamCard Lite for iPhone and iPad 

I quite often get business cards handed to me, and I am never quite sure what to
do with them. After all, I want run a paperless office, so I'm not very keen to
have a stack of business cards on my desk to look through.

iPad Basics Part 14 - Search on the iPhone

The iPhone and the iPad allow you to search through your contacts, calendars,
notes, and so on looking for information. This really means that if it is stored
on your phone you can search for it.

iPad Basics Part 13 - Splitting and Merging your Keyboard on iPad

The iPad has the ability to split the keyboard to make it easier to type with
your thumbs. This can make it a lot easier if you have to stand while using your

iPad Basics Part 12 - Adding International Keyboards 

If you need to write in different languages you can set your device to use
different keyboards. There is a huge selection of keyboards that you can use,
and it is easy to jump between the different keyboards.

iPad Basics Part 11 - Using International Punctuation 

If you write in other languages, other than English, you might have to access
international punctuation. Even if you said your keyboard to be English, you can
still access some of the international punctuation symbols that you need.

iPad Basics Part 10 - Multi-Task Bar

The multi-task bar on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch allows you to access all
the applications the running on your device. It allows you to shut down
applications, jump to other applications, access your music player controls, and
so on.

iPad Basics Part 9 - Punctuation Tricks

When you are typing and you need to access punctuation marks, they can be a bit
slow to tap on the 123 button to access your punctuation, then you have to tap
on the ABC button to get back to your regular keyboard. I found the trick to
make this easier.

iPad Basics Part 8 - Download Previous App Purchases

Once you have purchased apps from your iTunes Store, may automatically download
to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. But for some reason you have deleted your app you
can always download it again.

iPad Basics - Setting Autodownload on the iPad

You can change the settings on the iPad so that if you buy a song or app on
your desktop machine (or other iOS device) it will automatically download to
your iPad.

iPad Basics Part 7 - Signing Into iCloud on a Decktop Machine

If you want to use a desktop machine in conjunction with your iPad then you
should sign in to iCloud so that you can share information between your desktop
machine and your iPad.

iPad Basics Part 6 - Signing Into iTunes

You don't have to use iTunes on your desktop machine, but if you do, you can log
in to buy  apps, songs, movies, and so on. If you use a desktop macine, you can
backup your iPad to it, and so on. I use my desktop machine to store all my
iTunes songs movies, and TV shows. The reason is that I have got too many to put
on my iPad at one time so I need somewhere to store them.

iPad Basics Part 5 - Creating an Email Signature

Your ipad comes standard with an email signature, which usually says "Send
from my iPad". I think this can be improved and made more business-like.

iPad Basics Part 4 - Introduction to Safari

This movie is not designed to be an exhaustive look at Safari. This is designed
as an introduction to Safari to make sure that you understand the main parts and
how to use it.

epodcast179 - Using a Massing Model as a Site Modifier

A massing model can be used as a site modifier.

epodcast178 - Editing the Roof on a Massing Model

Massing models are great way to place existing buildings around your site, to
give your project a context. When you place a massing model, you can choose to
have a flat roof or a hip roof.

Landmark_SIG_029 Special Interest Group June 2013

In this session we looked at creating a hatch, tiling, applying the hatch and
tile to a hardscape, using a stir as a site modifier and the resources for
leaning how to control stairs.

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