Saturday, April 20, 2013

[Archoncad] Weekly Digest Email 20 (blogs and movies for Vectorworks)

BIM_SIG_021 Special Interest Group April 2013

In the session had only one attendee. Lucky for him, he was able to have
one-on-one training as part of his subscription. His main area of problem was
roofing. So in this session we looked at his roof challenges and how we can cope
with them in Vectorworks.

BIM_SIG_020 Special Interest Group April 2013

In this session we started to look at how to control 2D graphics on elevations.
This session followed on from the recent epodcast that looked at the ability to
use the 2D graphics from the classes to give the elevations hatching it would be
live to the 3-D model.

epodcast176 - Unshaded Polygon Rendering for Elevations

For a long time we wanted to have the ability to automatically hatch our
elevations. There are several workarounds, but no one had yet figured out away
to make the hatching on our are elevations automatic.

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