Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Text Styles in Vectorworks 2011

I have been using the the new text styles in Vectorworks 2011 for a short time, but already I love them. Today, I had to teach a Vectorworks user on Vectorworks 2010, and I wanted to use a text style to change the text on the drawing. Of course you can change the font, size and so on with Vectorworks 2010, but it is just is much quicker in Vectorworks 2011.

In Vectorworks 2011, text has a style assignment. So, when you create text you can tell Vectorworks what style each block of text should use.

When you specify a text style, the block of text will always use the settings from the text style. If you edit the text style the block of text will update.

Text styles are resources and can be imported from a library. You can drag and drop a text style from your library to a block of text on the drawing.

Locate the text style in your library.

Drag and drop the text style onto the text object (dimension, plant, hardscape, etc.). The text will then use the setting in the text style. If you edit the text style, all the text in your drawing that uses this text style will update. This will give you global control of all your text in your drawing.

I have posted  youtube movie giving you a quick introduction to text styles:


Paul Hernandez said...

Hi Jonathan, is there a way to create a text style for Linear dimension tool measurements? I tried to create a normal text style, then drag that on the measurement; What doesn't seem to apply is the specific colour I'm wanting.

Would be great to get your feedback on this.


jonathan pickup said...

Hi Paul, it is possible. Create your text style, Then create A custom dimension standard. In the Custom Dimension Standard dialogue box, assign the text style to your dimension standard. Now when you use that dimension standard, the text style should also be used on the dimension.

jonathan pickup said...
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