Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vector-workout Guide to Productivity

For a long time I have been collecting tips and tricks for Vectorworks. Many of these have made their way into my Short Sharp Training (monthly). But there has not been a single place to find all my tips and tricks before. Finally, here it is, all my productivity tips and tricks in one place.

How would you like to be efficient and productive with Vectorworks? Would you like to have a library of movies that shows you the best way to use Vectorworks? Would you like a library of movies that shows you how to solve problems with Vectorworks?

Here it is, the Vectorworks Guide to Productivity 2009. This is the ultimate productivity guide. This is a collection of all my tips and tricks. I have designed this guide for people that can use Vectorworks to a basic level, but want to be really effective. So, you might find there are really basic topics here, and really advanced topics. I have included several basic topics to ensure you are doing the basics well, and the advanced topics for users that need to know much, much more.

There is so much in this guide. I thought about listing all the movies, but the list was too long. Instead I have created a sample of the Guide to Productivity so you can download it and look at the structure of the guide and see several complete movies. Download the sample here.

For a limited time, you can pre-order this guide for a reduced price of $99US from this web site:

Be quick though, when the guide starts shipping the price will be $135US.

Contents (main headings)

Productivity Techniques

Constraint Palette (Snaps)

Object Info Palette

Resource Browser


Layer and Class Standards

Property Line Tool

Drawing Site Plans

Importing and Exporting DXF Files

Site Modelling

Dealing With Walls

Dealing With Roofs



Vector-workout is a downloadable movie based training resource offering fast and easy access to instructive movies, ideal for sharpening vectorworks skills quickly.

Jonathan Pickup, the author, said "a client told me recently 'I'm too lazy to read the manuals, just give me the information. Quickly!' So, I've rethought how to deliver Vectorworks training resources as visual tools. Vector-workout is the result - it's a visual teaching revolution for Vectorworks. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words, and Vector-workout kits do this brilliantly – movies are the perfect alternative to slogging through endless textbooks"

Vector-workout training manual kits use pdf files with embedded self contained movies. When you open the files with Acrobat Reader, you have bookmarks on the left-hand side for quick access to the movies. Acrobat Reader has a built-in search function, so you can type in a word or phrase and have Acrobat search for you.

Vector-workout kits are structured in a logical way, and can be used sequentially. This allows the user to start with basic principles and work though the kit in a structured way, as you would do with a textbook manual. Alternately, they can be used non-sequentially - just use Acrobat Reader to find the specific movie you want and work smarter.

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